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Welcome to the ZOLL Device Registration Website

Why register your ZOLL device?

  • The Food and Drug Administration requires manufacturers and end-users to maintain up-to-date records of current device locations.
  • In the event of ownership transfer or changes, this will enable ZOLL to maintain end-user records for your device and be able to notify you promptly.
  • Two additional years of warranty* for your AED Plus®.


What does ZOLL do with the information that you provide?

All submitted information will be kept in a highly secure environment and will only be used to contact you in case of any device notices, such as upgrades or device corrective actions. This information will not be used for any marketing or sales activities whatsoever. All device owner information will be maintained by ZOLL Medical Corporation. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.


How to register your ZOLL device?

Registration of your ZOLL device is easy. Fill out the DEVICE REGISTRATION FORM to register your device. Please make sure you have all required information available, which includes:

  • Your organization's contact details
  • Your personal contact details
  • Your device serial number



AED Plus Free Extended Warranty

Register your AED Plus® with ZOLL Medical Corporation, and receive two years of extended warranty*, in addition to the standard 5-year warranty.


Register your AED Plus today!

*Free extended warranty available only for units manufactured after April 3, 2010